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100th Birthday Decorations

"100" milestone decorations organized by theme.

Browse our collection of 100th Birthday Party Decorations. We have several party themes that feature "100" tableware or decorations, plus we have a selection of additional "100th Birthday" Party supplies available to mix and match with the themes.

We've got some wonderful party planning tips for 100th Birthday Party Decorations

100th Birthday Decorations

Centenarians deserve a special birthday celebration. When you serve your cake, put out tableware (such as napkins, coordinated plates) that feature the "100" prominently, and proudly. Make your own "100" birthday cake candle with Ones & Zeros. This is truly a time to celebrate in style so include streamers, balloon bouquets and banners that announce this great achievement.

One Hundred Years Decoration Themes

There is no bigger birthday to celebrate than the 100th! It commemorates an entire century of life and should be celebrated to the fullest. Our wonderful 100th birthday party decorations feature themes such as "Life is great", "Aged to perfection" and "Celebrate in Style" all wonderful sentiments to honor this great milestone.

100th Birthday Decoration Ideas

More and more of us will have the honor of celebrating a 100th birthday with friends and family members. It's a wonderful occasion to look back and reflect on a lifetime of memories and achievements. Some fun ideas for 100th birthday party celebrations include:
  • "Trivia" play a trivia game with questions relating to the year the guest of honor was born. Questions such as "Who was President" "What did the average home cost" "What was the national debt" and so on make for interesting entertainment and it's always fun to take a trip down memory lane. Many of your younger guests will be amazed at some of the answers.
  • "Photo Board" Collect pictures of the guest of honor from family and friends to display on a photo board. It's so fun for guests to look back at styles and fashions from yesteryear and your honored guest will have a great time remembering how they used to look. Place a baby picture next to a current photo for a great contrast.
  • "Lifetime achievement award" This can be an award for anything that your guest of honor is particularly known for. Ideas would include "Best pie baker" or "Worlds greatest gardener" You can have a plaque or trophy made at a local awards store inexpensively and present it during the festivities.
  • "Message Banner" Create a large birthday banner out of butcher paper or have one printed at your local stationary store and place it where your guests can sign it and write special birthday wishes to the guest of honor. Include lots of pens and markers so they can add their own personal touches.

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