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50th Birthday Party Gag Gifts & Novelties

50th Birthday Gag Gifts

Getting old is hard. Anyone who pretends it isn’t is using the rather weak coping mechanism of “denial.” Much stronger is the coping mechanism humor, which is perhaps why it is more widely used. It is probably also why there are so many fantastic 50th Birthday Party Gag Gifts.

Everything from apparel (mostly hats & t-shirts) to party games to keepsakes and shot glasses, these 50th birthday party gag gifts are the kind of fun you can really plan a 50th Birthday Party. The variety in the Gifts allows you to really personalize the Party Theme for that special someone whose celebrating his or her 50th Birthday. There are gags that are gender specific, in different colors, and ones that appeal to different senses of humor.

Tie your Gag Gifts into your decorating theme for a one of a kind 50th Birthday Party experience that the Birthday man or woman is sure to remember for years to come - and that is no small feat at his or her age!
Use humor to to celebrate the birthday guest of honor with one of our gag gifts.

50th Birthday Party Gag Gifts are a humorous way to celebrate the birthday boy or girl

Humor and fun go hand in hand, so be creative when constructing a Gag Gift-centric 50th Birthday Party for that special someone! Throw the Birthday man or woman an energetic Party full of laughter and love - they couldn’t ask for anything more. Everyone just needs to be reminded, when they turn the big 5-0, that getting old is indeed hard, but it’s a heck of a lot easier when you do it with a smile on your face, surrounded by family and friends. So, with than in mind, here are a few more ideas for throwing a 50th Birthday featuring some sidesplitting Gag Gifts.
  • Decorate the Person as well as the Party. In addition to draping the walls in “Senior” and “50th Birthday Party Scene” Caution Tape, drape your senior in Gag Gifts. Sashes, hats, glasses, beads, T-shirts, super bras, ribbons, bibs, Birthday crowns, and anything else you can fit, once all of that is on him or her. This not only makes for great photos, but also gives the person celebrating the Birthday an excuse to laugh at him or herself. Plus then he or she has a bunch of keepsakes from the Party to remind him or her of all the good times and giggles that were had. This does take the whole 50th birthday party gag gifts to quite the extreme.
  • For a really extravagant and exciting 50th Birthday Party game, arrange a series of the “50 Year Old” caution cone favors and inflatable barricade kits to create an obstacle course of sorts. Then divide the party guests into two teams. Each team will have a chance to complete the obstacle course. Each team should be timed using a stopwatch, and the team who finishes the fastest gets first dibs on cake or some similar prize. The team doesn’t just need to make it to the other end of the course, rather, they need to do it while accomplishing physical feats with Gag Gifts. They must, for example, transport a maraschino cherry in one of the “Cheers to 50” shot glasses, or carry a golf ball clenched between their knees through the course and drop it into one of the "Over the Hill” Martini Glasses that has a nose at the end. These little touches make the game as a whole more amusing.
  • In addition to creating your own games for the 50th Birthday gag gifts celebration, you can take advantage of some of the great ones offered in the Gag Gift section: Pin the PFFT on the Old Fart, Over the Hill Finish my Phrase, Over the Hill Bingo, and More!
  • For men and women alike, being pampered on your birthday is fun. To blend pampering with the 50th birthday party Gag Gifts theme, try things like: the Old Body Shop Miracle Plastic Surgery In A Bottle, or the Forever Young Spa Survival Kit which includes a youth renewing candle, a loofa to wash away the years, body wash, and three bath fizz balls. Of course, doing homemade avocado facials and then seeing who can make the scariest monster face when covered in the gooey green concoction works just as well, if not better!

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