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70th Birthday Decorations

"70" milestone decorations organized by theme.

Celebrate that special birthday with our collection of 70th Birthday Party Decorations. We have quite a few party themes that highlight the "70" in decorations such as tableware. Browse our collection of 70th party supplies which you can coordinate with one of the themes. All of the themes shown below have tableware (paper plates, napkins, cups, etc.), invitations, banners, centerpieces, and more. We also have a selection of non-themed 70th birthday decorations you can incorporate into the event.

We're excited to have such a great selection of 70th birthday party decorations - you can use them to create a fantastic celebration!  Check out our party planning ideas & tips to craft your perfect event.

70th Birthday Party Decorations

The biggest decision impacting your selection of decorations is the type of party you are throwing, and the facilities at the location of the event. If you are planning to be the host of a 70th birthday for one of your parents, family members, or friends, thing about what location they would most enjoy. Is there a favorite location (like a restaurant, park, pub, or other location) they would enjoy spending the time at? Once you pick the location, and you set the menu of what you are serving, you can select the perfect paper goods (plates, napkins, etc.), banners, centerpieces, and other decorations that will liven the scene. Many restaurants can provide you the tableware supplies, so you need only provide the decorations like banners, wall decorations, and centerpieces.

Seventy Milestone Decoration Themes

The number seven has lots of lucky connotations, and in many cultures, 70 is a milestone representing the full gift of life. As such, some of our decorating themes can be easily used in a variety of ways. Our "What's One more Candle?", "Its The Big 7-0", or "The Big Day" can all fit the bill for a "70" theme.

"70" Birthday Ideas

We consider ourselves so fortunate to participate in these celebrations our clients have. We get to help them, and they often share some wonderful ideas on how to host the best possible 70th birthday party. Here's a couple ideas we've gotten from our customers:
  • "A stroll down memory lane." A photo slide show shared with the guests of the Guest of Honor's life. This is often a gift for two - one for the guest of honor, and one for his or her family. If the event is held indoors, arrange for the images to be put on a computer and get a display projector to display them on a screen or wall. If outdoors, or if the photos are all printed, place them in photo albums to be shared at the event. Do it in multiple albums, maybe by theme (eg one for childhood, one for early adult, one for later in life), so several books can be passed around at the same time.
  • Back ground music. There's a lot of great music that can accompany this sort of event. Some of it time period based. Pick the guest of honor's favorite type of music, and program up a couple CD's worth of music to play. There are also a number of themed songs (like Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World) that can set a wonderful tone for the event.
  • If the guest of honor is a sports fan, research his or her favorite team(s), and find programs, posters, hats, and other items for that team to use as decorations and gifts at the event.
  • If the guest of honor is a movie buff, think about showing their favorite movie during or after the event.

Ways to Incorporate the 70 Generic Birthday Decorations into the theme you select

A 70th birthday party is nothing to throw together at the last minute. A bash like this requires thoughtful, advanced preparation. You need to plan out the guest list, activities, favors and gifts, food and drinks, and of course the dťcor. Why not start with the ambience? Using items from the 70 generic birthday decorations collection is a great starting point.
  • The brightly colored green, purple, red, and yellow 70 generic birthday decorations are festive and will set the right tone for your loved oneís birthday party. Use the coasters and plates for food and drinks. Adorn all the tables with the 70 multicolored confetti. Alternate the gleam Ďn burst centerpieces with the cascade centerpieces at the guestsí tables for a visually appealing look. There is no such thing as too many 70s at this party, so also go for the birthday whirls, firework stringer, and happy 70th birthday jointed banner to complete the celebratory mood. And, of course, donít forget the 70th birthday yard sign, which you can plant in the front yard. You wouldnít want your guests to get lost and end up at the wrong house!
  • Besides bedecking the place with the number 70, itís a good idea to have a theme party. Surprises are always fun, but be sure you know of any health conditions in your guest of honor before you scare the heck out of her. Get all of her friends and family members together for the party and surprise her with a showing of how much she is loved and appreciated. She will never forget the kindness. Regardless what theme you use, whether itís specific to your guest of honorís personality or a throwback to the year she was born or something else, it will go great with the 70 generic birthday decorations.
  • If you donít think she can handle the surprise, how about a theme from her childhood or teenage years? A nostalgic party could be a ton of fun for everyone. Throw a fifties theme party with corresponding music, food, and attire. Ask your guests to dress in poodle skirts and leather jackets. Find out what your birthday guy likes to reminisce about the most. If he had a great car back in the day or music and dancing was his thing, plan decorations and activities accordingly.
  • This party should be fun and mostly light hearted, but you also want to show the birthday guest of honor how much everyone appreciates and admires her long life and accomplishments. Create a memory wall for her and the other guests to reminisce. Using several poster boards, cover one large area and ask guests to bring photographs, newspaper clippings, and other mementos from her past. You can start the poster by getting pictures from her childhood. Post them at one end and as guests arrive, they can add their items in a timeline fashion. Surprise the birthday girl with a walk down memory lane!
  • If your birthday guy has a good sense of humor, throw in some joke items. Any type of ďover the hillĒ gag gifts and decorations add a light hearted touch to a party. Funny napkins from the 70 generic birthday decorations collection like the ďIím not aging, Iím evolving,Ē or ďif age equals wisdom, you must be a genius,Ē are a good way to give the guest of honor a little light roasting on his big day.
  • Get your guests in on the joke as well by buying enough 70 glitter foil eyeglasses, happy 70th birthday beads of expression, and 70th glitter boppers to go around. Put them on guests as they come in the door to be sure everyone participates. The 70 generic birthday decorations theme is jammed packed with ideas!
However you choose to celebrate the big 7-0 with your friend, spouse, or sibling, make sure you donít let it pass by without making a big deal. Itís huge to be turning 70! Generic birthday decorations will help you design an awesome gathering to mark the momentous day.

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