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80th Birthday Decorations

"80" milestone decorations organized by theme.

We're proud to have found a great selection of 80th Birthday Party Decorations. Choose from more than a half a dozen party themes that feature "80" tableware. We also have some fun 80th birthday party supplies that you can use in conjunction with the themed decorations.

 Celebrate a fabulous 80th birthday with our great selection of 80th birthday party decorations, plates napkins and more.

80th Birthday Party Decorations

An 80th birthday is a special event to be celebrated with friends and family. Try planning the party with a focus on the special milestones of the guest of honor's life. A fun twist on a theme could be "Around the world in 80 years", where you highlight the travels of your special guest. Purchase or create a large world map and place colorful pins in the locations where they have lived or traveled to.

Eighty Milestone Decoration Themes

We carry a wonderful selection of party wear and decorations honoring the 80th birthday. Our "Birthday Stripes" party decorations feature invitations, plates, napkins and more all in bright cheerful colors perfect for celebrating the big day, or Choose our "Balloon Brights" theme, With it's customizable giant party banner and yard sign. Simply add the letters and numbers of your choosing for a great custom feel.

"80" Birthday Ideas

Planning a wonderful party to mark this milestone birthday Can be a piece of cake. Here are some great party ideas from our professional party planners:
  • Expand on the around the world theme. When planning your food for the event, incorporate different dishes from the places where your guest of honor has lived. Print the recipes on cardstock and have them available for guests.
  • One of the best things about celebrating milestone birthdays is sharing special memories. Before the party have the guest of honor jot down some favorite birthday memories of the past. What is the best birthday gift they ever received? What's their favorite kind of cake? Do they have a funny birthday story to share? Do they have a favorite birthday meal that their mother always made them?
  • Create a memory presentation. Send a questionnaire with your invitations and ask guests to share a specific memory of the guest of honor when they were 10, 20, 30 and so on if they knew them at that age. Have family members read them during the party. Your guest of honor will love taking a trip down memory lane.
  • Make the number"80" the theme of the party and incorporate it in everything. Invite 80 people to attend, create a centerpiece containing 80 photos depicting the person's life and brainstorm with family and friends to come up with 80 notable facts or achievements related to their life.

Tips for a Stupendous 80th Birthday Bash include the 80 Milestone Birthday Decorations

With the right supplies and fun activities, you can throw the birthday guest of honor a party that will rival the last 79. Because they are turning 80, generic birthday decorations are the right choice for gussying up the venue. Take some ideas from the list below and you will be able to plan a great day.
  • Start with the 80 generic birthday decorations. Use the cascade and gleam Ďn burst centerpieces along with a scattering of multicolored confetti to embellish the tables. Hang birthday whirls and firework stringers from the ceiling and stick and 80 yard sign out front. Pump up a few perfection and radiant birthday foil balloons and you will have more 80s than you can shake a stick at. Donít be afraid to go overboard with the number 80. Your birthday girl or guy has earned everyone of her 80 years and youíre there to help her revel in them.
  • The 80 generic birthday decorations are super bright and festive. They are perfect for a celebratory mood. If you aren't going to pick one of our 80th birthday decorating theme, to break it up just a little, use plates, napkins and utensils in complementary solid colors like green, red, purple, or yellow. You could also use solid colored balloons in a variety of ways. Buy them in bulk, fill them with helium and let them dot the ceiling to create splashes of color. Or, create a balloon arch for the entrance.
  • Theme parties are always fun! How about a nostalgic theme? You could set up party that echoes the era of the birthday guyís childhood or young adulthood. A forties style party is a fabulous idea. Play swing music and classic standards. Be sure to have enough slow songs so that everyone can join in the dancing. Serve classic cocktails from the forties as well as sodas in classic glass bottles. Find out what kind of food the guest of honor enjoyed back then. You may even be able to recreate dishes from his favorite restaurant. To really go all out, ask your guests to dress up in forties clothes. They could really have fun with it!
  • Donít forget the cake! Make it a large sheet cake so you can fit in all the candles. 80 candles on one cake may be a little risky, but if you can pull it off, it will look spectacular. When you turn out the lights and carry in big cake blazing with 80 candles, your guests cannot fail to be impressed. Or, for a more modern touch, try cupcakes instead of a sheet cake. Cupcakes have become incredibly popular in recent years. You could make 80 cupcakes and have a candle in each one for a similar effect to the sheet cake.
  • You will most likely have guests at this party with a wide variety of ages. While the older crowd may be happy to sit around conversing, eating, and enjoying the music, the kids will get bored easily. Be prepared with games and activities to keep them busy. Bring board games, lawn games like bocce ball, badminton, and croquet, and coloring and activity books with crayons. With an assortment of things to keep them busy, the kids wonít be complaining.
Whatever theme or styles you choose for the number 80, generic birthday decorations will fit right in. With the right activities, games, decorations, food, and music, you will be able to create a once in a lifetime 80th birthday bash for your loved one.

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