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90th Birthday Decorations

"90" milestone decorations organized by theme.

Explore our collection of 90th Birthday Party Decorations. Choose from quite a few different party themes that feature "90" tableware. We also have some 90th birthday party supplies you can coordinate with our themed decorations.

Explore all our great 90th birthday party decorations and tableware. You'll find everything you need from napkins to plates.

90th Birthday Party Decorations

Not many people have lived through 9 decades and turning 90 is great cause for celebration. You party decorations can really set the tone for a 90's night to remember. Choose bright colors and feature the number 90 in your banners, balloons and table wear. Create a poster with a giant number 90 with pictures of the guest of honor in the center of the zero.

Ninety Milestone Decoration Themes

Our 90th birthday party themes feature wonderful bright colors to celebrate in style. Choose our "Birthday Stripes 90" for a theme that includes plates, napkins and more to celebrate the big "90"

"90" Birthday Ideas

Celebrating 90 years is something to share with family and friends. Here are some wonderful ways to include them all in your party planning:
  • Have friends and family help pick the venue for the party. Does the guest of honor's spouse know of a favorite restaurant or place that holds a special memory? Is there a themed restaurant that specializes in decor and music from a favorite decade?
  • Enlist friends and family to make speeches honoring your special guest. Have them include a favorite special memory or funny story involving the guest of honor.
  • If you're holding the party at a family member's home or hall where you will provide the food, have your friends and family bring a dish to share. Perhaps include favorite dishes of the guest of honor or perhaps a dish that they taught you to make.
  • If your special guest has a sense of humor have your guests each bring a gag gift that's older than they are. For example a bag of "dirt" or a picture of Abe Lincoln.

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