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Disco 70s Party Decorations

Disco 70s tableware, decorations, centerpieces, and more!

Host a 1970s Disco Dance Party!

It was a raucous time! Studio 54, all-night parties, leisure suits, bell bottoms, and butterfly collars. Bring the 70s back at your next theme party with our Disco 70's Party Decorations! We have a complete line of nightclub-themed tableware, and enough disco ball decorations to really give your party an authentic feel. Can you dig it?!
Plan a perfect 1970's Disco Party.

Throw a Fabulous 1970’s Disco Party, Saturday Night Fever Style!

The first things that come to our mind when we look at our Disco 1970’s Party Supply line is Dance! Dance! Dance! Incorporate a disco theme into your next adult celebration and with our party planning tips, your guests will ‘freak out’ and ‘boogie down!’

Informing Your Guests: Get your invitations out plenty early – we suggest a minimum of two weeks beforehand – but more is appreciated if you are asking your guests to assemble a costume. If you opt to have guests come in costume, make that clear on the invitations and offer suggestions for appropriate attire. For the men, leisure suits, disco shirts and flares or bell-bottom pants fit the bill. For the ladies: mini-skirts, maxi dresses, halter-neck cat suits or dresses and platform shoes. For those that dare to dress in true disco fashion, suggest Lycra stretch pants with sequin bandeau tops, or gold lame or leopard skin halter jumpsuits! Have them fix their hair “Farrah Fawcett” style.

You can also opt to provide guests that are having trouble coming up with a costume, or just aren’t into dressing up, with an accessory piece from our Disco 1970’s line so that they don’t feel completely left out. We suggest our Party Mirror Ball Medallions on Shimmering Beads or our Disco 70s Party Buttons.

1970s Disco Décor: If you are going with a disco-dance themed party, then THE must have item is a disco ball! We offer affordably priced accessories, such as decorative disco ball cut-outs and centerpieces, that complement the disco theme and can be used for room decorations, but for the real thing, consider purchasing one. You’ll also need spotlights to shine on the disco ball, so think about purchasing a kit that includes everything you need in one package. There are many different types of disco balls to choose from online. And, if your budget allows, you could also place strobe lights around the dancing area and even set up a fog machine!

Music: We suggest spending a good portion of your planning time thinking about what music you’ll be playing for your guests. You can either download your own playlist, stream music, or purchase CD’s that have a compilation of hits from the 70s’. Even if you are having a ‘disco’ party, there was also plenty of other great music of the 1970’s to dance to other than disco. Make sure to include Motown and top rock songs as well. Popular bands and artists of the 1970’s include: the Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, Donna Summer, the Village People, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Commodores, Thelma Houston, Anita Ward, Chic, GQ, Larry Levan, Brothers Johnson, Cheryl Lynn, the Trampps, the Gap Band, SOS Band, Sister Sledge, Abba, Blondie, George Benson, Commodores, Earth, Wind and Fire, Aerosmith, BTO, Boston, Eagles, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

Drinks: Some of the more popular cocktails of the 1970’s included: Brandy Alexander, Bronx, Daiquiri, Gin and Tonics, Grasshopper, Greyhounds, Harvey Wallbanger, Manhattan, Martini, Merry Widow, Old Fashioned, Paradise Cocktail, Pina Colada, Pink Lady, Pink Squirrel, Rob Roy, Rusty Nail, Salty Dog, Screwdriver, Sidecar, Stinger and Tom Collins.

Make it easy on yourself – choose four or five cocktails ahead of time and print them on a menu for your guests to select from. Before the party, preferably the night before so the drinks have time to chill, prepare the cocktail ingredients (without ice) in pitchers and refrigerate. Simply take your drink recipe and calculate measurements based on how many servings you need. You can also prepare any garnishes ahead of time. As guests request drinks, simply pour from a pitcher your pre-mixed cocktail and then shake and strain. Their cocktail is perfectly measured and complete within seconds rather than being a time consuming chore!

Food: Plan your menu around finger foods that dancers can nibble on in-between songs. A classic 1970’s cocktail party staple was cheese fondue. Place trays of bread cubes, cooked, cut-up pieces of meat and vegetable crudités out for guests to dip into the cheese fondue. A chocolate fondue pot would be nice for those guests with a sweet tooth! Dark chocolate pairs well with strawberries and bananas, cubed pound cake (buy one premade at your local bakery and save yourself some time!) and marshmallows. Make sure to have plenty of fondue forks available so you don’t run out! Other finger foods popular during the 1970’s were: deviled eggs, Pigs in a Blanket, onion dip with potato chips, Swedish meatballs, rumaki and cheeseballs.

Fun activities for your guests:
  • For those dressed in costume, hand out prizes to the best dressed guest and/or couple. Hand out a brand-new hair brush to the guest with the best ‘Farrah’ hair!
  • Have a ‘disco dance-off’ and present a mirrored trophy to the winner.
  • Borrow, rent or buy a karaoke machine and have disco music available for guests to sing
  • Remember to take plenty of photographs during the party. Pull guests aside and get some staged shots against a backdrop, or with people dancing in the background. You can even purchase online a ‘disco photo stand in,’ where guests can place their heads through the cardboard cutouts and have their photo taken! After the party, send them a photo of themselves with a thank you note, or post the pictures online for everyone to see!

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