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Elegant Party Favors

Does the thought of handing out little noise makers and stickers as favors at your party make you feel juvenile or as though they’re completely not you. Maybe that is because you are actually a very refined and “well-seasoned” individual and would prefer to hand out elegant party favors. Well, then you have come to the right place.

This is your one-stop party shop for more elegant birthday party favors that match a more mature party theme. Ornate wine stoppers and crystal crafted butterflies, globes and flowers are available for reasonable, affordable prices, as well as more practical gifts like decorative tea light holders, luggage tags and even heart shaped manicure kits.

These elegant party favors are hard to beat. They can be given to your guests as keepsakes to remember the occasion, or they can be tied into the party decorations. Some of the more decorative products include place card holders, wine glass charms and ice cream scoops. Many are available with customized and personalized favor tags.

Throwing an elegant birthday party bash - here's some ideas for coordinating favors

Elegant Birthday Party Favors & Party Ideas

Choosing a more refined approach for your party means that you may have to do some creative finagling to work out your theme and decorations to match your elegant party favors.
  • One great way to make your party as elegant as your party favors - have a black and white bash. This means that the guests can only wear black and white formal attire to the party. No one should have to go out and buy a new tux or evening gown, as slacks, button ups, and business casual style dresses will do just fine. As a get to know you activity, or just as a fun way to follow the theme, people can decorate name tag “corsages” by writing their names on black or white flower patterned scrapbook paper. Regardless of which sets of elegant party favors you choose whether they be heart shaped candles or Vineyard Collection Swirl Design Wine Stoppers, a black and white event is a great way to class up any Birthday celebration.
  • If you’re not feeling a black and white color scheme - maybe you don’t have the home décor for it, or it just seems too drab, try an evening on the beach themed party instead. This theme will help really make the most of your elegant party favors – for example: the “Beach Themed Wine Charms,” the “Vineyard Collection Shell and Star Fish Wine Toppers,” the “Choice Crystal Clamshell Favor,” and even the “Natural Selections Collection” of bamboo coasters, salad tongs and candles. To make the most of this theme, go to a craft store and guy bags of white craft sand. Fill mason jars with sand and tea lights to give the authentic feel of the beach in your own home - or where ever the party is being held. Get a solid blue tablecloth to mimic the ocean and throw a “sounds of the sea” CD in to complete this “evening at the beach” atmosphere. Your elegant party favors will be just a part of this theme’s charm, as who doesn’t enjoy an evening on white sand beaches? - even just for pretend.
  • If basing your theme so closely around your elegant party favors isn’t appealing to you, try a party that fuses the idea of elegance with something a little more fun - an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party for example. The person celebrating the Birthday can be the King or Queen of hearts. Buy or make a heart shaped scepter and red Birthday crown. This theme lends itself to and of the heart-shaped elegant party favors including the candles, manicure set, and ice cream scoop. It also can tie in the “Chair Figurine Place card Holders,” both gold and pewter. To really kick the decorations up a notch, purchase a small Alice doll to serve as the shrunken version of Alice, and purchase extravagant, luxurious teas like the flower bud teas that steep rich colors and flower blooms. Also, use an ornate, antique tea set. Label various treats and beverages with “eat me” and “drink me” labels, and get brightly colored cake pops to arrange in bouquets as centerpieces. It is sure to be a Birthday party that none of the guests shall soon forget, and lend itself so well to your choice of elegant party favors.

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