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Holy Bleep 50th Birthday Decorations

Youll love the irreverent "Holy #%@*!" on our Holy Bleep 50th decorations.
It takes the right person to laugh at him or herself as his or her big 5-0 rolls around. Having a sense of humor about turning 50 should be rewarded and encouraged, rather than discouraged or downplayed. The “Holy Bleep! you are 50” party theme is perfect for that special Party person in your life on the edge of celebrating his or her birthday.

Colorful block letters jump off of black napkins, plates, cups, hanging cut-outs, and even yard signs. Mix these loud decorations with some solid colors - black, blue, orange, red, or green to add some variety to your decorating scheme, keeping the Birthday Party theme as fun as the Birthday man or woman for whom its being thrown.

He or she will say “Holy Bleep 50!” to extravagance and excitement of their Party decorations. Not mere place settings, but a fully coordinated room of decorations, decked out in confetti, colored crepe paper streamers, balloons, and banners.
Holy Bleep Invitations - 50th
Holy Bleep Invitations - Plain
Holy Bleep 12 oz Cups
Holy Bleep Dessert Plates - 50th
Holy Bleep Dessert Plates - Plain
Holy Bleep Dinner Plates
Holy Bleep Drink Napkins - Plain
Holy Bleep Centerpiece
Holy Bleep Tablecover
Holy Bleep Lunch Napkins - 50th
Holy Bleep Lunch Napkins - Plain
Holy Bleep Giant Party Banner
Holy Bleep Hanging Cutouts
Holy Bleep Foil Balloon - 50th
Holy Bleep Foil Balloon - Plain
"How the #*@!!" Question Mark Ceramic Mug - 50th
Bermuda Blue 7-inch Plates
Bermuda Blue 9-ounce Cups
Bermuda Blue 9-inch Plates
Bermuda Blue Assorted Cutlery - 24 pieces
Bermuda Blue Beverage Napkins - 50 count
Bermuda Blue Luncheon Napkins - 50 count
81 foot Crepe Streamer - Bermuda Blue
Decorative Tablecover - Bermuda Blue
Island Blue Latex 12-inch Balloons
75 foot Curl Ribbon - Turquoise
Orange 7-inch Plates
Orange 9-inch Plates
Orange Assorted Cutlery - 24 pieces
Orange Luncheon Napkins - 50 count
Orange Beverage Napkins - 50 count
Orange 9-ounce Cups
Bright Orange Latex 12-inch Balloons
81 foot Crepe Streamer - Orange
Decorative Tablecover - Orange
75 foot Curl Ribbon - Orange
Red 7-inch Plates
Red 9-ounce Cups
Red 9-inch Plates
Satin Red Latex 12-inch Balloons
75 foot Curl Ribbon - Red
Red Assorted Cutlery - 24 pieces
Red Beverage Napkins - 50 count
Red Luncheon Napkins - 50 count
81 foot Crepe Streamer - Red
Decorative Tablecover - Red
Lime 9-ounce Cups
Lime 9-inch Plates
Kiwi 12-inch Balloons
75 foot Curl Ribbon - Lime
Lime Assorted Cutlery - 24 pieces
Lime 18" Star Foil Balloon
81 foot Crepe Streamer - Lime
Decorative Tablecover - Lime
Black 7-inch Plates
Black 9-inch Plates
Black Luncheon Napkins - 50 count
Black Beverage Napkins - 50 count
Black 9-ounce Cups
Black Assorted Cutlery - 24 pieces
Black 18" Star Foil Balloon
Pitch Black Latex 12-inch Balloons
81 foot Crepe Streamer - Black
Decorative Tablecover - Black
75 foot Curl Ribbon - Black
Our Holy Bleep You Are 50 theme is perfect for that fun themed event.

“Holy Bleep!” 50th Birthday Themed Decorations, Supplies, and Party Ideas

The “Holy Bleep!” 50th Birthday Party theme has potential for a lot of jokes and tons of fun, but don’t forget that it is also important to make the Birthday man or woman feel special and loved. Don’t forget, along with humorous decorations like candles that say “50 And Holding,” to purchase some of the decorations in the “Holy Bleep” 50th Birthday Party Theme that are designed to appeal to the sentimental side of things, like the “A Year to Celebrate” 50th Birthday Baseball Cap, the “50 and Fabulous” Sash, or the 50th Glitter Bopper Headbands. Here are a few addition party ideas to help find that special blend of humor and emotion that the 50th Birthday man or woman in your life deserves!
  • One fun 50th Birthday Party activity that really puts the “bleep” in “Holy Bleep! 50” is the game Taboo. To play this game, divide the party up into equal, or as close to equal as you can get, teams. 2 or 3 teams works best, more than that gets a little tricky. The Birthday man or woman gets to go first of course. The game works by having one person try to get his or her team to guess a word on a card by describing it with other words. Unlike charades, no gestures can be used, and to make things harder, along with the word you are trying to get your teammates to guess, there is a list of words you can’t use. A person from the other team must monitor the person in the hot spot to make sure none of these words get used. If they do, then the person from the opposing team must “bleep” them using a buzzer that comes with the game. The point of the game is to try to get as many cards as you can before the timer runs out, taking turns between teams. Each card is one point, and the game is played up to whatever number you choose - perhaps even 50!
  • Using puffy paint or fabric markers, draw “Holy Bleep! You are 50!” on a light colored T-shit - mimic the writing on the decorations for good measure. Over the course of the evening, have everyone sign the shirt in sharpie markers. Give this T - shirt to the Birthday man or woman at the end of the night to help commemorate his or her “Holy Bleep! 50th” Birthday.
  • 50 Card Horseshoes is a unique game that is good for something as wacky as a “Holy Bleep! 50th Birthday Party theme. This game can be played for prizes like candy or little favors and trinkets like the “Happy 50th Birthday Beads of Expression” or the “Foil Fringed Party Horns.” Set up 5 buckets, each labeled with the prize, which they represent. One deck of cards, minus the jokers and two other cards so that they are 50 - 1 card for each year of the Birthday Person’s life is required to play 50 Card Horseshoes. Each guest simply gets one opportunity to shuffle the deck into the air, 52 Card Pick Up Style, and try to get them into the buckets. The catch? This should be done from about 10 - 15 feet away - making it harder than it sounds. If they get a card into the bucket, they get the corresponding prize. Take some photos, have some laughs, and distribute some prizes as a “Holy Bleep! 50th Birthday Party activity.

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