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The Big Day! 50th Birthday Decorations

The Big Day 50th decorations declare 50 and fantastic for everyone to see!

The big day is nearly here! You or someone you love is about to reach the half-century of life milestone. Reaching 50 years of age is a huge accomplishment, so it’s time to party! If you are the one reaching this landmark age, throw yourself a bash. Don’t be shy. If no one else is making a move to host the event, do it yourself. Show them you’re not afraid of fifty. If it’s someone you know who is about to turn the big 5-0, don’t let them go it alone. Help your spouse, friend, sibling, or parent celebrate that big day in style. Start with The Big Day 50 party supplies to get the party off on the right foot.

With bright colors, a modern design, and a versatile elegance, The Big Day 50 birthday decorations work for just about anyone approaching this milestone day. The plates and napkins declare "50 & Fantastic". With coordinating happy birthday plates, cups, and napkins as well as 50-specific utensils and decorations, you and your friends can do it up right. An assortment of napkins, confetti, banners from The Big Day 50 collection complemented by other party favors and supplies will set the tone for a festive event.
Here's some advice on how to host a 50 and Fantastic birthday party celebration.

Tips and Tricks to Incorporate the Big Day 50 Theme into a "50 and Fantastic" Party

Consider some of the suggestions below when planning a fete for yourself or someone else. With the right activities, games, gifts, and décor, you can throw a memorable party that will make the guest of honor feel special, loved and lucky to be 50.
  • First of all, pull out all the stops when decorating this party. Fifty only comes around once and you want the guest of honor to remember exactly how old she is. Put cascade 50th centerpieces at every table and scatter 50 confetti liberally. Use The Big Day 50 banner and hanging decorations to adorn the walls and ceiling as well as the 50th balloons. Your guests should be seeing the number 50 in their sleep later!
  • Decorate your guests and the birthday guest of honor as well as the room. Give him or her the 50th rhinestone or sparkle tiara and the 50, or a fund 50th birthday hat, and a fabulous sash to wear for the day. Include the 50th birthday fairy wand and she will really feel like a princess on her day. Give your guests 50th birthday party bead necklaces to wear along with 50th red glitter boppers. Remember, this is the Big Day! 50 years of life worth sporting a tiara and wand!
  • Have a fun time with the 50th birthday party bead necklaces. Tell your guests as they come in that if they catch anyone saying the number 50, they get to take that person’s necklace. By the end of the party, whoever is wearing the most necklaces wins a prize. Encourage the guests to get into the game and trick each other into saying the magic number.
  • The best parties always have great food and fun drinks. Serve all appetizers for a unique dinner or a theme buffet like a taco bar, sushi bar, or Italian feast. If you’re hosting the party outdoors in nice weather, go for a picnic theme with potato and macaroni salads, hot dogs and hamburgers, and cold sodas. Drinks are also a crucial part of the festivities. While you should of course offer a variety of nonalcoholic drinks, cocktails are fun too. Have a bar area where guests can serve themselves from basic bar staples. Or consider creating a signature cocktail to make ahead of time and serve to your guests.
  • Don’t forget dessert! Consult your guest of honor for his or her favorite sweets. If they likes candy, set up a candy table with bowls of different brightly colored candies. Provide scoops and cute little boxes or gift bags. Your guests can create their own custom assortment. If the guest of honor has to have cake, try something a slightly different. Make cupcakes and arrange them on the dessert table in the shape of a 50. Or, make cupcakes and bring them undecorated to the party. Give your guests decorating supplies and challenge them to come up with the most creative and best garnished cupcake in the room. The big day 50 theme has many decorations for both her desert and tie-ins that will make her desert taste all the sweeter!
  • Don’t forget to thank your guests for attending and showing their support for the birthday girl. Create treat bags stuffed with a few items from The Big Day 50 collection like the “a year to celebrate mug,” the 50th birthday baseball cap, or “cheers to 50” and “take a shot” shot glasses.
With the tips above and plenty of supplies from The Big Day 50 assortment of decorations, you will be sure to give your guest of honor the best party she’s had in the last 50 years.

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