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The Hangover Movie Party Decorations

"The Hangover" Movie Party Decorations
“Too much is just right” is the idea behind this adult party theme. The 2009 movie with a Las Vegas style theme inspires the night-life gambling graphics in night-life blacks, purples, golds and reds. Create your own "Hangover" style party with items like square dinner plates and coordinating napkins for your special event. The napkin states, on this theme, “Drinking is never the question” will really set the tone for all the high rolling guests.

Add some flair to your event with our Las Vegas inspired party favors highlighted on the right side of this page.
The Hangover Party ideas.

Hey guys! Like in "The Hangover", are you ready to let the dogs out?

Like the napkin from this theme suggests, The Hangover party supplies will help you and your guests celebrate any event in Las Vegas fashion. These products, inspired by the 2009 box office hit, makes creating a Vegas scene at your party easy to achieve.

Decorations really set the tone for any party and one great idea is to create some playing card garland. Simply purchase several decks of playing cards and hot glue them to a line of red colored yarn leaving several inches spaced between each card. When dry, the string can be hung about the room in streamer fashion. A table cover of black on the bottom and layering a complementing color of red, purple or gold will create an elegant look that ties in the night life theme.

A great centerpiece idea is to take a black vase and fill them with red or purple ostrich feathers purchased from a craft store will further create that casino ambiance and night-life entertainment. With decorations in place a Vegas inspired menu is at the top of the order. You can really play off the theme by serving up some entertainment through your food choices. Cajun chicken wings that are dubbed as “Black Jack Chicken” and veggie grilled skewers named “Jackpot skewers” will make your guests feel like they are truly in Vegas. Drinks can be served to suit your tastes but keep in mind that you will probably want to also offer a non-alcoholic choice for the “designated drivers” in attendance.

If the event you are hosting is a birthday, you can rent a roulette wheel to play a Casino inspired game like Russian roulette but re-name it “Birthday Roulette.” If it’s a birthday party you are hosting you could play card games that match with the recipient’s birthday celebration such as “Twenty-one” or “Thirty-one.” A rectangular sheet cake can easily transform into a casino inspired birthday cake by making it into a card. Instead of putting the normal card numbers labeled 2-9, the guest of honor’s birthday number could be used instead.

Letting your guests know how much fun you had “letting your dogs out” by treating them with a fabulous party favor is always a great idea and makes them feel appreciated.

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